The flood relief scheme will compromise five stages, as follows:

Stage I: Scheme Development and Design  Stage 1 will involve the collection of all relevant data related the project, a survey specification will be prepared, tendered, and managed and a hydrological and hydraulic analysis of the study area will be carried out. A full cost-benefit analysis of the project will also be undertaken during this stage.

Stage II: Planning  Stage II will involve preparation of all documentation required to progress the Scheme through the necessary planning, including public display, and other statutory processes.


Stage III: Detailed Construction Design, Confirmation and Tender   Stage III will involve detailed design, preparation of tender documents and a public competition to appoint a main works contractor.


Stage IV – Construction  Construction will be carried out by a works contractor, under supervision of the consultant, following a public procurement competition. A Functioning Scheme will be in place at the end of stage IV.

Stage V – Handover of Works  Commission of the completion certificate. Preparation of a financial analysis report for the project. ‘As-Built’ surveys, ‘As-Built’ flood mapping and an updated Climate Change Adaption plan will be prepared.